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Seascape, John Brett, 1881

The Art Museum contained a section of pictures of the sea; for many visitors, a sight that they had never seen themselves. Mrs Horsfall paid the…

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Surrey Wild Flowers


Surrey Wild Flowers, Elizabeth Redgrave, 1860-1876

These watercolours come from an album of over 150 images of plants and insects drawn by Elizabeth Redgrave. The album belonged to Thomas Horsfall who…

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Study of an Ash Tree in Winter


Study of an Ash Tree in Winter, James Hey Davies, 1883

This painting is one of pair: the other shows the same tree in summer when it is covered in leaves and the hay is being harvested. Images like this…

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Study of an Ash Tree in Summer


Study of an Ash Tree in Summer, James Hey Davies, 1883

This painting is one of pair: the other shows the same tree in winter when its branches are bare against a grey sky. Images like this were used to…

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A Rest by the Way


A Rest by the Way, George Shalders, 1870

Described in the Manchester Art Museum catalogue as 'an extremely pleasant pastoral scene', this is typical of the type of picture intended to both…

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Photograph of the Nature Study Room, Manchester Art Museum


Photograph of the Nature Study Room, Manchester Art Museum

The Nature Study Room contained birds in an aviary and plants and flowers on display tables. A puffer fish hanging from the ceiling appears to emerge…

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Restharrow, Emily Gertrude Thomson, 1881

A study of the wildflower, restharrow.

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White Flowers in a Rock Garden


White Flowers in a Rock Garden, Helen Allingham, 1880

This small study for a larger picture by Helen Allingham was used in the Museum to illustrate the beauty of the natural world.

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White Harebells


White Harebells, Emily Gertrude Thomson, 1879

Emily Gertrude Thomson studied at Manchester School of Art and became a successful artist and illustrator. This simple study was used to inform and…

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Sweet Peas


Sweet Peas, Helen Allingham, 1880

Helen Allingham was a professional artist who specialised in watercolours. This nature study was bought by the Museum for its clear and detailed…

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Study of Willow Leaves


Study of Willow Leaves, John Ruskin, c1857

This study of leaves was one of the first pieces bought by the Art Museum Committee and was typical of the artworks used for teaching about the…

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Manchester University Settlement Activities, 1899


1899, Manchester University Settlement Activities, 1899, Manchester Art Museum and University Settlement

This page from the 1899 Annual Report of the University Settlement describes the range of activities and support provided for the local community.…

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