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There Is No Wealth But Life, Annual Report of the Art Museum and University Settlement, 1902


1902, There Is No Wealth But Life, Annual Report of the Art Museum and University Settlement, 1902, Manchester Art Museum and University Settlement

The moral and social philosophy John Ruskin was a strong influence on the founders of both the Art Museum and the University Settlement. This quote is…

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Study of Willow Leaves


Study of Willow Leaves, John Ruskin, c1857

This study of leaves was one of the first pieces bought by the Art Museum Committee and was typical of the artworks used for teaching about the…

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Ruskin, Robert Bryden, 1901

This woodcut print is taken from a photograph of John Ruskin taken by the London studio of Elliott and Fry in 1882.


Marine Dabblers


Marine Dabblers, J M W Turner, William Say (printer), 1811

Turner collected 71 prints for his Liber Studiorum (literally, Book of Studies) intended to demonstrate his mastery of landscape art, including marine…

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Film: Horsfalling, 42nd Street, Ancoats

Film: Horsfalling, 42nd Street, Ancoats, dir. Belle Vue Productions, prod. Belle Vue Productions, University of Manchester, 2014

Horsfalling was the name of a creative project produced by 42nd Street and Grizedale Arts in spring 2014. The project took the form of a pop-up shop…

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Facade of The Doge's Palace, Venice. Head of Adam


Facade of The Doge's Palace, Venice. Head of Adam, John Ruskin, c1845

Ruskin made numerous watercolour sketches of architectural details for his three volume book, The Stones of Venice (1851-53). When the displays of the…

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Contents of the Art Museum Rearranged

Contents of the Art Museum Rearranged, 1909-01-01

John Howard Whitehouse, Warden of the University Settlement, oversaw the rearrangement of many of the displays, including the Children's Room and the…

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Art Museum Committee established

Art Museum Committee established, 1877-12-01

Thomas Horsfall formed an committee to develop and promote his idea of an art museum for the working people of Manchester, with the support of the…

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