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Contents of the Art Museum Rearranged

Contents of the Art Museum Rearranged, 1909-01-01

John Howard Whitehouse, Warden of the University Settlement, oversaw the rearrangement of many of the displays, including the Children's Room and the…

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The Holy Family


The Holy Family, George Baxter (printmaker), after Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) (artist)
, 1849 to 1850

This 19th century print is based on a painting by the Renaissance painter, Raphael. It shows the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus and John the…

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A Terrier (after Landseer)


A Terrier (after Landseer), Basil Bradley, 1872

Edwin Landseer's paintings of domestic and wild animals were immensely popular in late Victorian Britain. Basil Bradley was a Manchester-born artist,…

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The Annunciation (after Lippo Lippi)


The Annunciation (after Lippo Lippi), Ad, 1893

A biblical scene depicting the Annunciation, which marks the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, during which she learns that she is to be…

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The Three Jovial Huntsmen


The Three Jovial Huntsmen, Randolph Caldecott, George Routledge & Sons, London, 1880

Caldecott's picture book for children, The Three Jovial Huntsmen, was a bestseller in its day. Of course, purchasing such a book was beyond the reach…

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A Rest by the Way


A Rest by the Way, George Shalders, 1870

Described in the Manchester Art Museum catalogue as 'an extremely pleasant pastoral scene', this is typical of the type of picture intended to both…

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Faithful Unto Death


Faithful Unto Death, Edward Poynter, 1865

This painting shows a scene from the destruction of Pompeii in 79 CE. The museum catalogue draws out the individual moral from the historical event:…

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Highland Drovers Departing for the South


Highland Drovers Departing for the South, James Henry Watt, ater Edwin Landseer, 1830s

This line engraving is taken from a painting by Edwin Landseer, depicting a group of drovers at the start of their journey from Scotland to livestock…

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Illustrations from The Jungle Book


Illustrations from The Jungle Book, Maurice and Edward Detmold, Macmillan and Co, London, 1903

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling was published in 1894. The moral lessons contained in each of the stories could be used to instruct the children of…


Pages from the Sketchbook of Albert Hendschel


Pages from the Sketchbook of Albert Hendschel, Albert Hendschel, Verlag Von M.Hendschel, Frankfurt, 1886

The sketchbooks of the German artist, Albert Hendschel, were published after his death, and a number of these reproductions were displayed in the…

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Printing Block for 'The House that Jack Built'


Printing Block for 'The House that Jack Built', Edmund Evans (engraver), 1878

One of the printing blocks used to show the process of printing coloured illustrations.

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Master David Little


Master David Little, Ford Madox Brown, 1885

The little boy shown in this drawing was the son of an eye surgeon, and is typical of the pictures of idealised childhood displayed in the Art Museum.…

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Madeline Scott (study for an oil painting)


Madeline Scott (study for an oil painting), Ford Madox Brown, c1833

This chalk drawing is a study for a portrait of the artist's seven year old daughter, Madeline.

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The House that Jack Built


The House that Jack Built, Randolph Caldecott, Frederick Warne & Co, 1878

Among the exhibits in the Children's Gallery were illustrations from popular stories. Thomas Horsfall also bought the three printing blocks used to…

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