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Map of Ancoats, 1897


Map of Ancoats, 1897, Manchester Art Museum Annual Report, 1897, 1897

This map showing the location of the Ancoats Hall was printed on the cover of the early Annual Reports of the Manchester Art Museum. It was…

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Photograph of the Horsfall Museum, Ancoats Hall


Photograph of the Horsfall Museum, Ancoats Hall, After 1918

In 1918, Manchester Corporation took over the management of the Art Museum, effectively saving it from closure. From 1918 to 1953, the Art Museum…

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Print of Ancoats Hall


Print of Ancoats Hall, 1825

The original Ancoats Hall was a timber-framed country house, built for the Mosley family.

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Photograph of Ancoats Hall


Photograph of Ancoats Hall, T Brooks, 1964

By the 1960s, Ancoats Hall was in a state of disrepair and was finally demolished.

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Map of Ancoats, 1910


Map of Ancoats, 1910, H Milligan, 1910

This map shows part of Ancoats, with the Art Museum surrounded by streets of back-to-back housing and industrial buildings, including mills, printing…

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Plan of Old Ancoats Hall


Plan of Old Ancoats Hall, G B Corbett, 1778

A plan of Ancoats Hall and the surrounding area, including the names of nearby residents.

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Photograph of the Staircase, Manchester Art Museum


Photograph of the Staircase, Manchester Art Museum, after 1914

This photograph of the central staircase in the Manchester Art Museum shows the portrait of Thomas Horsfall, painted by Frederick Beaumont in 1914,…

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Photograph of the Manchester Art Museum, Ancoats Hall


Photograph of the Manchester Art Museum, Ancoats Hall, W Ellis, 1900

In 1868, Ancoats Hall and its surrounding land was bought by the Midland Railway for the new Ancoats railway station, which opened in 1870. In 1886,…

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