Listen to the Irish in... Italian

Besides how could you remember everybody? Eyes, walk, voice. Well, the voice, yes: gramophone. Have a gramophone in every grave or keep it inthe house. After dinner on a Sunday. Put on poor old greatgrandfather Kraahraark! Hellohellohello amawfullyglad kraark awfullygladaseeragain hellohello amarawf kopthsth. Remind you of the voice like the photograph reminds you of the face...
(James Joyce, Ulysses)


This is not a gramophone, but old translations still resonates from this 1940s radio, in the final room of our virtual exhibition. Enjoy excerpt of Joyce, Yeats, Stephens and Sterne read by actor Luca Iervolino, while you read the texts from: 


James Joyce

Anna Livia Plurabella (Finnegans Wake)

Parodia di mostro romantico (Ulysses)


W. B. Yeats

Poesie (Poems)

I cigni selvaggi a Coole. 

Navigando verso Bisanzio

L'isola del lago d’Innisfree


Laurence Sterne

Vita e opinioni di Tristram Shandy, gentiluomo

(The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman)

Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 


James Stephens 

L’Orcio d’oro (The Crock of Gold)

Chapter 1, part 1 and part 2