The Dialectics of Modernity: Designing Public Spaces is the online exhibition of the AHRC-funded project The Dialectics of Modernity: Modernism, Modernization, and the Arts Under European Dictatorships (The University of Manchester).

The project aims to explore the arts system in Fascist Italy, in order to cast light on the tension between aesthetical trends, the political and intellectual milieus and the debate on cultural and social modernization in Italy in interwar years. This interactive exhibition exploits the features of the Omeka-based Mnemosyne platform to showcase artworks (1920-1940s) selected from the vast project database and comprising public and private buildings, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, exhibition designs and theatrical plays.

You may visit the exhibition following the suggested route, or by exploring new paths and connections between collections and artworks. Furthermore, the Neatline Arts in context: Public and Private Architecture allows you to visualize selected items on Italy map.